Best Domain Registrar 2020 

Best Domain Registrar

What is Domain Registrar ?Why it is important 


It is an authority providing registries (Space and Identity)  for your website in a named database .They lease domain names for your website which starts with www. and have various ending like .com,.in,.org ,net ,org,biz etc depending upon your need for website creation .

Yes you heard it correctly ,domains names are leased for your website ,and cannot be sold or purchased ,since registrar gives it on lease for agreed duration maximum it can be given for 10 Years. 

 Newbies are confused whether to buy Domain Name  for website or start without one. Question arises is what is the importance of buying domain name .

In absence of Domain Name if you publish  your site on free web  hosting like as  URL,it does not give confidence to end user about your credibility as business owner and it hit’s your Business progress. 


10 Best Domain Registrar in 2020


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