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Digital Marketing Challenges

Hey folks !!! Hope you are doing great !!! From past few days I am facing a challenging situation .I have an excellent product. I did very good marketing. But somehow not getting appropriate clientele.Business return on investment is not satisfying .

Do you also connect with this situation instead of best product / service in market with tremendous value add to end consumer.You have spent lots of money and efforts in marketing ,however end results are not so appealing.

Why my online purchase is low ???

After retrospection and diving deep into root cause of it .. i learnt a new concept .. would like to know the MAGIC WAND .. abraka dabra gili choo.. MIRACLE ...

To address such challenging situations ,solution lies in identifying SPECIFIC CUSTOMER AVATAR which ensure that business delivers expected returns on investment by identifying Targeted Customer Persona.

FUNDAMENTALS OF Customer avatar

The concept of CUSTOMER AVATAR revolves around the understanding that in order to lead great marketing campaign and promote an amazing product it is crucial to expose it to RIGHT PEOPLE, at RIGHT TIME ,on RIGHT PLATFORM

Three Pillars of Customer Avatar

Deep Dive into customer avatar

Many of us struggle with how to nail down on Customer Avatar instead of knowing the concept. In this vast Digital community how will i know who is my Customer Avatar . I opened my product for all the below .I reached out to them through Emails,Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Watsapp,discounts ,offers and many more communication modes ..

Image result for group of people

and you know what they responded in..

Disheartened !!!!!!

No Worries we have magic pill to address it FURTHER

Hit the bullzeye

Curious to know the strategy to hit SPECIFIC CUSTOMER AVATAR .Tighten your seat belts and lets roll….

Image result for bullzeye images


Identifying your Specific CUSTOMER AVATAR

In order to identify your Customer Avatar ,first and foremost you have to know and understand product or service in offering .Know it in detail covering in all the aspect including it’s pros,effectiveness,value addition,areas of improvement etc…

Now explore the pain area of end user which is addressed by your product /services.How ???

Get you thinking cap and put yourself in shoes of your ideal CUSTOMER AVATAR and answer all the question they have for their pain areas through your product offering ,best features and value adds.

Have long list of questions , covering everything and any thing .Create surveys to understand it better quantitatively .

Do’s and don’s creating Customer Avatar

My Customer avatar -Assignment 2

Business Context Setting :

These days most of the youngster move  out of home for studies and job prospects and stay in metro cities either in sharing apartments ,rentals or alone .Specially targeting 25 Years folks.

In this quest of searching for job or studying they miss HOME MADE Food by their mom .They either visit hotels ,order it from zomato or swiggy but at the end they do not like the taste after sometine ,or it is to much garnished which leads to acidity ,stomach upset other health issues . So in order to address this .

I have an offering where food just like your home unlike hotels will be provided to my Customer Avatar available in both Veg and Non Veg varieties.Hence my venture is Ghar Ka Khana which give you taste exact like your home and make life easier out of Home.Made in home kitchen absolutely in hygienic,clean and with fresh vegetables daily .

Image result for ghar ka khana
Home made food

Based on the business requirement i created a survey :-

Survey Link for Ghar ka Khana:

After processing survey information my Ideal Customer persona is.

My specific Customer Avatar

Image result for 25 year professional indian girl

Name :- Snehal Patil

Age: – 25 Years

Gender: – Female

Occupation: – Professional

Status: – Singles

Staying With: – Friends

Food Preference: – Outsourced/Zomato/Swiggy

Type of Food-Veg/non veg/both

Location :-Pune/Bangulru/Mumbai/Hyderabad/Chennai


Focus on below pointer for guaranteed results

Product Development:-

Design the product specifically aimed at one person .This makes process more focused, targeted and personalized. It will give clarity about your ideal customer.

Content Marketing: –

 This strategy will uncover the pain areas of your ideal customer .Content creator can design marketing strategy that appeal and resolves their needs.

This works wonder on search engine and engage with your target market.

Customer Avatar success is directly proportional to ability to solve their pain points as this helps in establishing successful brand name.

User experience:-

The magic ingredient in this recipe is USER EXPERIENCE i.e. know the ideal customer beginning with their first interaction followed by website visit and finally Purchase..

Well it does not stop at purchase. Important is that Customer should repeat the purchase along with providing referrals to you. This ensures business  sustenance and expansion.


A successful strategy in identifying Ideal Customer Avatar always results in Repeated buyer and Referral monster

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