Life with Covid 19

So friends ,how is life going around all the chaos ,anxiety ,news floating from overseas ..

In order to protect us from pandemic I respect PM Narendra Modi’s decision of extending 21 days of lock down .

I feel fortunate that we are Indians, when I see other developed nations struggling to contain the virus spread ,leading to thousands of causalities . US,Italy, Spain, France list goes on struggling with the stage 3 of pandemic .

PM Modi decided to preserve life’s over economic dent .He wants us to understand the importance of Lockdown and if not followed could be lethal for India considering the population density we have and current health care system availability .

For some it is not required decision ,for some having huge financial impact since we have majority of population as daily wagers .

School ,colleges ,Mall, Movies all shut down .Life it is stand still for most of us .

Few corporate companies have given work from home which is like breather to most of them ,since it distract from ongoing pandemic and forces to focus on work in hand as priority .

One thought comes to my mind why cant we leverage this time connecting with our inner selves ,working on areas we always wanted to mend,may be listing a few,you might connect with .

1)Personal Development 2)Relationships 3)Health 4) Fitness 5) Passion 6)Pursuing Hobby

I remember the time when working full time made me realize what ever I like ,I love doing ,I am not getting enough time for time for that ,full day in office then house hold cores , day finished and no energy left to do any thing more .

Now since we have time, some time at least an hour or two in hands to really deep dive with in our self ,reflect on all the aspect of our life and connect with our broken self .Hear what our heart want to pursue. Find the real Purpose of Life .

What say .. do you connect with me .Our true self gets lost some where in the midst of daily cores and responsibilities .Connecting dots to our true identity and core belief system is need of an hour.

Here is right time to find our missing self .What we really believe in,what we want in life .This is so precious moment .. if we survive this pandemic it will be altogether a new BEGINNING TO NEW JOURNEY .

We all know life is never going to be the same hence forth .This is a BIG CHANGE and we need to be wise enough and determined to face it with our mightiest of the life forces .Considering all the aspect of life .Health, Relationships, Career.

What we can do differently to address this situation’s impact on Career.

I will start with a question ,have you ever thought of having a secondary skillset apart from your existing one ? What are you passionate about? For eg if you are currently a Teacher ,or a software professional, or a banker or a student .But you always wanted to be a painter,an artist ,be a chef ,be blogger etc . Something your heart always wanted to be ,but due to some various reason you have to choose your current profession .Friends have you realised when you think of it you feel happy .Just go with the flow .

Once you identify it ,there could be many things ,but choose one out of your list ,which makes you feel good and happy and put it on a piece of paper.

OK now what’s next .Understand this secondary skill set is your weapon in this current turbulent time and in order to sustain in evolving market condition ,we should have multiple skills apart from primary skills to get going .

Now plan ahead ,rate your self on that skill level ,at what proficiency you are currently standing on ,are you a beginner ,or proficient or an expert .Identify the gap for example your passion is cooking Italian food,you know two or three dishes,but still can learn few more than rate your self at proficient level .Accordingly rate your knowledge level for your secondary skill set .Be honest with your self ,it is really good even if you put it at beginner and continue journey to success knowing path forward. There is no one to judge you ,or rate you .So be chill and relaxed .

Feeing excited ,fasten your seat belts lets go for a ride now !!!!

Now most important exercise .Make a chart with pointers to your core strengths and areas of improvement .List the items in each section ..

Now create a daily schedule to dedicate to new skill level with atleast an hour of practise .Focusing on sharpening strengths and areas of improvement .

When you do it for 21 days sincerely and diligently ,you will find a new skill developed which can be your new hobby or career option .

You can find a job pertaining to it or roll out videos on various social networking sites and educate further more people .Trust me there are millions of people out there who need best coach, mentor to guide them . .Believe me. YOU CAN BE THE ONE DRIVING THIS NEW ERA.

Crux is to leverage this time in hand to prepare your self for changed world ,no matter where you stand today ,you can walk a journey and create a beautiful ,worthy and valuable tomorrow.Listen to voice within and take MASSIVE ACTION !!!

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  1. This is really nice… This time is very crucial and should be leveraged for self development … Thanks for the post… 😊

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