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So friend here I start my beautiful journey to blogging .In the era of internet ,where information is available in it’s various dimensions .It makes life easier and simple to connect your missing dot ,when you are just a click away from your desired search over internet.It immensely excites and motivates me ,to be part of this ever growing DIGITAL ERA ,where people across the globe connect ,interact and share their thoughts, ideas, emotions, strategies etc. seamlessly through Facebook, LinkedIn ,Twitter ,Instagram ,blogs etc. They reciprocate and mingle with open mind and add value to each other’s life .


A brief introduction about my journey till so far,I am Shilpa Ardey ,an IT Professional with around 13+ years of experience ,currently working as Process Consultant .I enjoy reading ,watching movies ,listening to songs and exploring adventure sports.

In past few years I have brainstormed intensely to kick start second career stream, thought through many options ,over a period of time based on various parameters I finally nailed on Digital Marketing to proceed with .

Step Forward

I was constantly in search of Digital Marketing  courses which will enhance my skill as Digital Marketer I was once trained however it gave me little exposure to certain level  .In order to enhance my skills further , went through couple of material on Udemy ,got few leads on Facebook ,however couldn’t connect well in terms of  it’s applicability ,ease of understanding and it’s implementation in order to grow and see me as a successful Digital Marketer.

As my search was progressing ,I got connected to DigitalDeepak on internet, and enrolled for updates and started going through Digital Marketing lessons and blogs.While I was going more deeper ,and understanding each lesson and blog .To my amazement concepts of Digital Marketing are very clearly and uniquely explained, detailing the need of strong correlation between quality content and marketing ,which I have never came across .Lessons are intensely focused one concept at a time starting from how to choose a domain ,hosting and word press and so forth .Very clearly in each lesson do’s and don’ts are called out .Most importantly the way emails ,communication is done by  DigitalDeepak and Pixceltrack team has done is quiet appreciating .Post few days attended a webinar and decided to go ahead with DigitalDeepak Internship .

Webinar Take Away

It started right on time 9PM on 25th Feb 2020 ,with all the logistics working as required conducted by Mr Deepak Kanakraju.

Major take away from webinar which added value to me as a person and a budding Digital Marketer are

Golden Triangle

It emphasized on the importance of learning, understanding, implementing and teaching new concepts which proves to be a complete cycle of growth in terms of personal and professional. Since it is not sufficient to just learn until we experiment and practice it a lot to gain niche and once we understand it and teaches it to other in simple language it becomes natural to us .Teaching improve our communication and networking skills as an individual. Best teacher is one who explains complex logic in simple lay man language.

Goal Setting

When you decided to go ahead with this training, what is end goal that you are looking at ,would like to be a blogger,video maker, affiliate marketer, a freelancer  etc. Setting a goal is first crucial step accordingly a plan has to be designed considering the strengths and areas of improvement.

Marketing fundamentals

It is important that you should become best in marketing yourself .In today’s world where people are connect digitally across globe .Self Marketing is primary skill to sustain in this era .One might be best in technical skills, but world will reach out to BEST KNOWN only .So here concepts of Communication and Networking are of utmost importance.Understand people ,their interests,hobboes,proffession ,emotions ,psychologyetc. Before becoming best Digital Marketer ,one should become best Marketer .

Finding the gold

Gold is one of the well know jewel in this entire world available in various forms and used in variety of means.Like wise Marketing is a as precious Jewel like Gold ,because it can be used by one person as Ring other in form of bracelet .Intent is marketing is ever expanding and evergreen field .It has infinite possibilities to be created and sustain .Like a car when manufactured and sold ,post that it requires seat cover,a music system,gear box,cleaning etc .So likewise in marketing, any product can generate numerous possibilities to expand ,it is up to us how we capture and turn it into in our best interest .

Building NIche

Kya kare kya na kare ye kaisi mushkil hay,koi to bataye iska hal o mere bhai .. This is one of most crucial yet deciding factor to start your Digital Marketing career ,most of us gets confused and puzzled ,from where to begin ,what to start with .Refer below to address this ,

Market Demand

Most of us gets stuck with way forward how to find market demand ,listing pointers to resolve most of ours burning questions .

Future of digital marketing

Most of us wonder what would be the future of Digital Marketing ,what is the trajectory of it,upward,downward or plateau ?This is an interesting question..As we have decided to associate our future with ,we are investing our time ,money and energy .So guys be rest assured since Marketing is a life skill and and this as concept will stay for will not die.Sales and Marketing will exist till eternity ,certainly you have to develop skills to convince client to pay you for your product /services.Bottom line is

Digital Marketing Equation

Integrated Digital Marketing

Entire digital marketing revolves around Content Marketing which Quality content .Every other dimension is interlinked to it .Success of your business depends upon 360 degree communication between various components of Digital marketing as an ecosystem.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Building your personal brand

It is imperative to build to your own personal brand ,people look for their own tribe ,style and they want to hear from you ,since they find quality ,uniqueness in your content.You can publish a blog,video or be a public speaker .Build a personal branding strategy like free blogging ,drip marketing ,bring brand ambassadors etc.In addition to it it takes tremendous practice to master the art of digital creativity few tips shared. 1)Read 30 minutes every day 2)Listen to podcast 30 mins every day 3)Write a lot ,practice makes man perfect 4)Watch English sitcoms & stand up comedy shows .


This concept seems to be misplaced in world of digital marketing ,however it is important to understand how economy works .Since in India average age of population is around 30-45 ,which signifies there is a huge potential of people applying for loans like Car ,house ,education etc .Loans are debt to people which they repay along with increased interest rates .Due to this there is increase of money inflow in economy and banks regulates this money for creating new business avenues .Economy expands when people takes more loans this boost over all performance of economy .

Most of us have question what will happen when recession strikes .In recession only strong and value provider stands strong.It is a chance where your competitor may eradicate ,people pay for value and business will keep growing ,hence even in recession ,people will pay for value and quality .


Few inputs for how funnel works

blog crux’s

Goal is very important ,since it plays vital role in motivating ,providing vision ,sensing risk and taking action .I have decided to achieve below goals as part of DIGITAL DEEPAK INTERNSHIP and committed to make them in reality .

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