One stop practical Handbook- Digital Marketing Mastery Bundle

Interested in learning Digital Marketing ,excited about how businesses are growing in abundance through internet usage ..

Millennial’s are you in the game !!Getting Adrenaline rush …

Game of becoming best know in the Digital World …Explore the plethora of opportunities.

To grab best opportunities in the market and be expert and be best known for skill set.

Yes ..


Instead of lucrative career options Digital Marketing provides most of us struggle to get hang of it .


Do you connect with me .


Tried various techniques through Udemy ,YouTube,Online Course etc but all in vain .

You know the reason why???

Let me ask you few questions first ..

When you hear Digital Marketing what comes to your mind ?

Do you think it is a way of marketing ,way of communication ,more clientele

What exactly do you understand by Digital marketing ..

Most of us would answer it is product listing over internet through amazon ,Flipkart ,creating blogs ,websites etc etc.. Yes you are correct ..Bingo

Well you are pretty near to appropriate understanding .

Many of us theoretically connects and understand the concept of Digital Marketing .. but when it comes to implementation of it we really get struck .. how to proceed ..

Is this the case with you … and answer is


You have learnt DM thought now you understand it well and when you got onto the floor … you hit the reality hard .. No leads ,no sales .. no assignments .. no freelancing etc etc.

I understand ,once i was sailing in the same boat .Tried all the means of Digital Marketing ,but when actually started working on assignment ,faced lots of challenges.

Do you want a permanent fix to it ?

I have a LUCRATIVE OFFER specially for you.Under one umbrella all the Digital Marketing Modules covered in depth giving you ample opportunity to learn,explore and create excellent career options named as


Actual price of course if 21999 ,but guess what is discounted for you at Special Prize of just 999.

Yes you heard it correctly it is for 999 .

Course Highlights

Following modules are covered under it

1)SEO Mastery worth [1999]

You will learn about

  • How to master Google search console to improve your SEO game
  • How to do on page optimization and off page optimization
  • How to build high-quality backlinks with guest posting
  • How to use Moz tools and SEMRush for SEO analysis
  • How to use Ahrefs to get new content ideas
  • How branding helps in SEO
  • How to perform Local SEO and use Google My Business
  • How to scale search traffic with long tail keywords [this is the future]
  • How to conduct an SEO audit
  • How to build backlinks
  • How to find blogs for building backlinks
  • Content writing for SEO

2) Google Ads Mastery worth ₹1999

This covers

  • How to set up your first Google Ads campaign 
  • How to use landing pages and conversion tracking
  • How to do keyword research
  • The different Google Ads keyword types and how to use them
  • How to use location targeting, ad scheduling, and device targeting
  • The various ad extensions – their advantages and uses
  • How to use the search term report and negative keywords

3) Facebook Ads Mastery worth ₹2999

Course will explain

  • The different types of Facebook audiences
  • How to setup Facebook pixel
  • How to setup custom conversions on Facebook
  • A complete tour of Ads manager and power editor
  • How to use Facebook lead ads
  • How to run events and event response ads

4)Email Marketing Mastery worth ₹3999

In this practical course, you’ll learn

  • How to build your email list
  • How to collect leads via landing pages
  • How to integrate leads to any email tool
  • How to track subscriber activity in your CRM
  • How to integrate payment gateway with email tool
  • How to create Facebook Ads for lead generation
  • How to create email workflows with decision trees
  • How to send emails using Amazon SES

5)Social Media Mastery [worth ₹2999]

Topics Covered are

  • How to provide customer service on social media
  • Facebook marketing best practices – do’s and don’ts
  • How to choose the right social media platform for your business
  • How to perform social media competitor analysis
  • How to grow and maintain a Facebook group
  • 10 social media metrics you must measure
  • 9 must have social media tools

6)Analytics Mastery [worth ₹1999]

In this you will learn.

  • How to track, and measure all your paid and organic channels effectively.
  • How to create custom dashboards and reports
  • How to create and leverage different types of reports such as Lifetime Value reports, CoHort reports, and Frequency, Recency & Engagement reports.

7)Affiliate Marketing Mastery worth ₹1999

In this course, you’ll learn

  • How to set your first niche website – walkthroughs, checklists, and tutorials
  • How to get approved by any affiliate network
  • How to find profitable affiliate products – digital and physical
  • The rapid-fire content creation strategies
  • Affiliate marketing tools to become super affiliates
  • How to build high converting squeeze pages and capture email ids
  • Powerful email marketing strategies to double your commissions
  • How to promote affiliate products using Adwords

8)Content Marketing Mastery [worth ₹1999]

You can ace below

  • How to come up with content ideas that work and produce results
  • How to research & structure your content without spending days or weeks or sleepless nights
  • How not to sound like a Non-native English writer and write crispier, tighter sentences using simple words
  • How to promote the content and receive tons and tons of traffic to your web properties

Zapier Mastery Program worth ₹1999

In this practical application course, you’ll learn

  • How to send data from landing pages to Google Sheets 
  • How to capture data from payment gateways and use filters
  • How to send SMS alerts to your audiences using webhooks 
  • How to create an affiliate program with Zapier

And, For a very limited time, you can grab all these 9 courses for the lowest price ever.


All these courses together will cost you ₹21991 if you buy them separately.  

But, For a limited period

You can avail it for JUST 999.. Yes be fast abd grab the opportunity and become DIGITAL MARKETING EXPERT .



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